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We are SO EXCITED  for our new retail location!

Opening May 1st at 56 Strongs Ave in Rutland! 6 am - 2 pm

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Here is the link to request one of our INCREDIBLE cakes!!!  We pride ourselves on making your cake not only gorgeous, but absolutely delicious!!  We've been told our cakes are the best around!

Our decorated sugar cookies are next level!  They are soft and melt in your mouth!  It's so hard to find a sugar cookie that's beautiful and tastes AMAZING!!  Well, look no further, because you'll get both beauty and taste with our sugar cookies!

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Our cupcakes are simply amazing!  If you want a sweet treat or to wow your guests without buying a whole cake, this is the way to go!!

Our pies and cheesecakes....what do we even say??  They are exceptional!  Both are made completely from scratch...from the crust all the way to the whipped cream!  Our customers cannot get enough of either!!!

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Do you know how many ingredients are in store bought bread?  A scary amount!  Do you want some wholesome, fresh, take you back in time bread?  Look no further!  We offer a large variety!

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The Pies the Limit Bakery is a specialty bakery located in the heart of Rutland, VT

I, (Mary), come from generations of amazing cooks and I love to share that passion with you!!  

You can order anything off of our menu ahead of time using the above links or stop in and see what we have on hand!  ​

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56 Strongs Ave, Rutland, VT 05701

(802) 342-8147

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