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Homemade Breads!

Baked to order

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White Loaves

Our loaves of bread are so delicious!  They are made with 6 simple ingredients with no preservatives!

photo mar 27, 2 12 59 pm.jpg
photo mar 02, 11 21 30 am.jpg

Italian Bread

 Our Italian loaves are out of this world!  They pair great with soups, stews, lasagna, shells, they make GREAT French toast, and well, anything else you can think of!!  

Dinner rolls

What could be better than a homemade dinner roll?  They are the "bread and butter" of any great meal!!

photo mar 02, 11 27 17 am.jpg
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Braided breads

Cheddar Pepper Braid

Our cheddar pepper braids are to die for and are the perfect companion to a hot bowl of soup!

photo mar 23, 3 37 15 pm.jpg
photo oct 31, 4 48 58 pm.jpg

Sesame Seed Braid

Our sesame seed braid is a customer favorite!  It is amazing when you toast it :)  We also offer an "everything" braided loaf...just like the bagel!

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